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Patient Stories

Each of our clients are unique. They each come with their own struggles, concerns, and triumphs. No matter what their background or their choice, RealOptions lovingly supports them through their entire process. Here are some true stories from our clients.

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Campus Outreach

Celeste approached the CPST table at SJSU...

Celeste* approached the Campus Pregnancy Support Team table at San Jose State because of the sign advertising free pregnancy tests. She only stayed for a minute or two, long enough to get a test and talk with the CPST Director about RealOptions before fading back into the crowd of students. Several weeks later Celeste came to one of our clinics to talk with an Advocate because she was very concerned about her future. She told her Client Advocate that the pregnancy test she took from the table was positive. Celeste had gone to the nurse on campus that referred her to RealOptions. The CPST Director delivers pamphlets and information to the health center on a regular basis, so they are well equipped to inform students of the services RealOptions offers. Celeste told the Advocate she planned on dropping out of college to move near her family to help cope with the pregnancy. The Advocate told her about the support RealOptions can offer her during and after her pregnancy so that she could continue with school and get her degree. Celeste agreed to think about it.

Several months later, our CPST Director was taking down the table at the end of the day when across the lawn she saw a heavily pregnant woman making her way between buildings. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to serve a student, she ran after the student to give her information about how RealOptions could provide support if she needed it. When she caught up to the student, she was surprised to see Celeste! Celeste excitedly told the director that because of RealOptions’ encouragement and support, she had decided to stay in school and finish the semester before her baby was due. She had worked out an arrangement with her professors to take her exams early so she could go home and have her baby!

RealOptions' programs allow us to not only serve the community within the walls of our medical clinics, but also by taking our services out into the community. Our Education Department and the Campus Pregnancy Support Team (CPST) at San Jose State University allow us to spread the news about the work and services of RealOptions by serving people where they are. Students are a highly vulnerable population because their school dropout rates are extremely high if they become pregnant and without an education, their chances for being able get a job decrease significantly. CPST has a table on campus twice a week to provide pregnancy tests, information, coupons for a free ultrasound, and support to students. 

*Fictitious Name

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