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RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics is a non-profit 501(c)3 recognized for its quality of care since 1981. We provide consultations, professional medical services, and material support to women, men, students, and families facing pregnancy decisions. RealOptions has four licensed medical clinics serving Santa Clara and Alameda Counties devoted to caring for patients physically, emotionally, and spiritually. RealOptions strives to be the first place people go to learn all their options. All medical services are free of charge, confidential, and provided without government funding. We offer a broad spectrum of prevention, intervention, and wellness services to the community positively impacting thousands of students and families each year.

Contact Info

Admin Office
1671 The Alameda
Suite 101
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 229-9836

Licensed by the
California Department of Public Health

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